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Few things have been as well studied as inversion tables.  There have been hundreds of articles published by hospitals, physicians, universities and research centres showing the advantages and effectiveness of inversion treatments.

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This is a summary of the key findings of the studies:

  • Rejuvenation of Spine Discs: The discs of the spine are key pinch points for pain.  Many people are not aware of the importance they play in keeping your back safe and pain free.  Over time discs can be pinched, or swell, thin or herniate. All of these issues slows your movements, causes pain and discomfort and can lead to permanent injury.  Through regular inversion treatments and reducing the pressure on these important ligaments you give the discs time to heal and repair themselves.
  • Muscle relaxation; You spend the day standing and sitting.  All this time the body is working hard to support itself.  Leg and core muscles hold you up, shoulders are pulled to support the arms and so on.  Overtime the body needs to relieve this stress.  Inversion gives the muscles the chance to do this, and is one of the best ways of reliving muscle tension.  Some inversion tables even feature massage balls, so in addition to relieving pressure you can also administer self massages.

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  • Back Pain; Back pain is a more general issue to the spinal discs mentioned above.  the back and ribs are a complex weave of bone, muscle and tissue all working together to provide a strong frame for the body and protection for your important organs, such as the heart and lungs.  Unlike the brain which does not have to expand and contract, the lungs can increase their volume 4 fold in a healthy adult.  This means the the ribs and back need to be able to flex to accommodate this increase in volume.  All this adds complexity and a chance for things to go wrong.  Using inversion treatments allows the circulation of the blood to divert allowing the blood to flow to areas that normally receive less and helps repair damage done over time.
  • Improved Blood Circulation; When we are children our body and blood vessels are incredibly springy and can stretch and flex with ease.  This is perfect for letting our blood flow easily through the body, reaching our extremities with little resistance.  As we become older that suppleness deteriorates, and blood cannot flow to all the little areas of our body that we were used to.  By using inversion it uses gravity to force blood that would otherwise gather in our feet to flow to other areas of our body.  This can provide relief and comfort to aching parts of the body.
  • Poor posture that can be corrected with inversion treatmetnsMaintained Height and posture; As we age bad habits around posture can start creeping in.  Over time this can lead to us looking slumped, causing back pain and making shorter.  Through a regular use of inversion therapy its easy to revers this trend and resolve common posture issues.

Inversion treatment

  • Inversion Table Risks; While there are no medical risks to inversion therapy, at least none as published.  There are risks associated with using them.  These are more due to user error, particluary when using a cheap or homemade inversion table.  Failure to secure the feet properly, or a table collapsing are the main issues.  However a properly secured and set up table is as safe as sleeping in your own bed.

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