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The Future of News: 1981

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No time for that iPad keynote?

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This video sums it conveniently in 180 seconds with all the important words. No scene is repeated and everything was said on this keynote!

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Who says animals can’t speak? Get yourself an iPanda iPod speaker/docking system from Speakal and you won’t want it to shut up.

iPhandaThe unit ($119.99) is a desktop system that outputs 25 watts of excellent sound. It’s produced by five speakers enclosed in the unit for 360-degree sound distribution. The speakers give it facial features since they are placed and stored where the eyes and ears are, along with the internal 4-inch subwoofer. There are feet, but they act as just that, no sound coming from them.

A remote gives you full control of an iPod after docking it with the proper cradle. When the iPanda is turned on, the mouth glows from an internal LED light and blinks on any command from the wireless remote control.

The setup is simple: just plug in the power cord to the back and dock your iPod. Once the power is on, the iPod lights up. Then grab the remote to choose the tunes of choice. The remote lets you choose the song, volume, play/pause along with adjusting the treble and bass settings.

A 3.5 mm input auxiliary jack is built into the back in the event that you’re one of the few with a portable media player other than an iPod.

The sound is excellent. Here’s the company line on what’s inside how the sound is produced, “An Onboard Hi-Fi amplifier, dynamic airflow optimizer, interior dynamic cooling exchange and high sound stabilization to produce a clear powerful sound.”

Now that you have all that, just know it sounds great for a really cool looking sound system. If a panda is not your thing, there is also a similar iPig ($119.99) and iBoo ($79.99), all available in a variety of colors.

Power PackLate last year I wrote about the Medis 24/7 Power Pack, a portable, green power source for devices such as MP3 players, digital cameras, PDAs and cellphones. It can provide up to 30 additional hours of talk time for a cellphone or up to 80 hours of playtime on a portable media player (depending on the device).

Now they have come out with an emergency power kit to instantly power a cell and give the user some light in the time of an emergency. Since the Media power source doesn’t self-discharge over a long period of time, users can be ready for any blackout or situation in a car. The exact number of charges depends on the device being charged.

Once the power pack is activated, it gives out enough charging power for several charges. The included flashlight is expected to light up for about 100 hours.

The power in the device is based on Medis’ Fuel Cell Technology, which uses an environmentally friendly alkaline sodium borohydride solution. All this enables the device to work without the need of charging it.

To activate the power pack, users simply remove the safety tape and follow an easy three-step process: Squeeze it, plug it and power it. Squeezing the pack activates its power source; then you may plug the connector into the unit’s main body and plug the other end into your device to power it.

Connector tips are included for some cell phones, along with miniUSB and microUSB devices. $49.99

Imagenomic has released the Portraiture 2 for Aperture. The product, which has been available for Photoshop users, gives Apple Aperture users the same digital management for digital photographers.

The recent press release announced that the software includes:

Automatic Skin Tones Mask generation and “One-click” skin retouching through a new Preset Manager, which includes image thumbnail previews, bracketing controls, custom preset creation and file sharing, notations, and visual history states;

Advanced Skin Masking controls for selecting, feathering and refining the retouching area, edges and tonal ranges of the selected mask, including real-time previews;

Enhancement sliders and settings for sharpness, softness, warmth, tint, brightness and contrast control, with the ability to apply these selectively to the mask area only or to the entire image, e.g. for adjusting lighting effects in software;

Also new are the user interface selection options, multiple image batch processing capabilities, and multi-threaded/multi-processor support for maximum retouching speed and performance.

The new release of Portraiture 2 for Aperture came from a public beta test with over 1,000 Aperture users, which included a variety of digital images from many different environments., $199.95

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Note: I am beginning to experiment with guest bloggers on Gregg Ellman is an old friend whose gadget column is published weekly by dozens of newspapers, and now you can find it here too. Let me know what you think! Thanks, Jim

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