Inversion table reviews

How to choose an inversion table?

Choosing an inversion table can be incredibly hard work.  There are countless brands and options to go for.  If you start searching for them you will be bombarded with ads and promotion leaflets trying to convince you that the latests ‘helix leg shackle’ is the best or that some patented swivel hinge is essential.

Fortutnatly there are are hundreds of sites offering reviews on the best inversion tables.  Our favourite Inversion table review site is where they offer independent reviews of dozens of inversion tables.

Inversion table reviewsInnova Fitness ITX9600 reviewI spent lots of time trying to choose the best inversion tables, and settled on the Innova Fitness ITX9600 after reading the review.  f you are like me, you are probably having a hard time selecting the best inversion table for you, with so many different brands and models available. You probably got tired of reading promotional articles out there that try to endorse what they consider the best one on the market. And lets not forget that we all know every single product claims that it is the best. I also spent a lot of time researching and finally choose an inversion table for my father – he  has suffered from chronic back pain for almost 10 years now.

After a long time searching and reading articles on many websites that promised to have the best. I got to a point where I was sick of all the so-called-advice those articles gave me. I’ve come to the conclusion that a product may be great for me and terrible for my neighbors. Buyers need to acquire information on more than one product and then decide which one is truly the best one for him or her.

The best idea is to choose your budget and stick to it.  For under $100 we would suggest looking second hand, as the quality is not great at this level.  Simple and effective tables come in arround $100-$200.  These are safe and reasobaly well built tables.  However as you move up through the price ranges you see a rapind improvement in quality and features.  If you want the highest quality tables then $300 should be your mark.  Honestly we don’t see any point in spending more that about $500 for an inversion table.

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